Anybody read this review its so bad its funny

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Its the worst Review Ever its funny

He's trying to compare it to Call of duty and compalains about the Multiplayer not being Call of Duty =P

Its so bad its funny

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@hanzoadam - This is the best advertisement FOR buying BL2 I've seen yet. I f it's nothing like Halo or Modern Warfare then it is, by definition, frickkin awesome.

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@hanzoadam - This is the best advertisement FOR buying BL2 I've seen yet. I f it's nothing like Halo or Modern Warfare then it is, by definition, frickkin awesome.


Yeap =P I just love how he talks about the Online being nowhere near the level as Call of Duty for competitive play and the amount of players and how Black Ops 2 isnt that far off , I was in hysterics

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Wow, yeah, what an inept fellow, he completely misses the point that it is a ROLE PLAYING GAME at its heart, with frenetic gunplay there to give the game its source of action and fun.  I will still play Reach firefight if I want to get fox holed, I'll play BF3 or MW3 if I want different varieties of multiplayer matchmaking fun, and I will play borderlands 2 to play a completely unique experience between all of them.  He completely misses the point of the game, part of putting those chests everywhere is that you WANT to roll the lottery every chance you get, just like in Diablo.  I got the elemental quest gun from the first Flynt guy, and I was sort of "meh" about it, and then I opened a chest, got an awesome roll on a purple gun that is literally twice as powerful and is just ripping through mobs and I don't feel like I'm cheating, I just got lucky and get to reap the benefits of it, but only for now, at some point it will be weak and paltry compared to the next levels up.  That is RPGs, that is a huge part of what Borderlands 2 is...

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Someone posted this up yesterday and I thought wtf is this guy going on about. Yeah, he definitely made me change my mind, I'm taking my Borderlands 2 back for a refund right now :roll:

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maybe somebody told him it was opposite day?

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This was my comment to him....

Have to say Im not sure how you have the job you do. To have an opinion on a game, to state subjective things, is fine everybody has their own opinion. However what you do is consistently compare two completely different sub genres of games to the detriment of the game you are reviewing.

What you have effectively done is marked down a motorbike because it doesnt have 4 seats like your car has.

Call of Duty and Battlefield can be compared because they are doing the same thing, Borderlands does not. Its a loot based shooter with optional co-op party mode and multiple RPG elements, and its single player should be compared with the likes of Fallout or Deus Ex. The multiplayer does not intend to do anything like the same thing games like Cod or BF do.

If that last paragraph makes you search for Wikipedia, give up your day job to someone who understands games.

Wouldnt mind what you thought of the game, or the score you gave, if your reasoning was more sound. As it is your review makes no sense to anyone who actually plays games.

The Wall Street Journal really should stick to financial news.