An Open Letter to Gearbox

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Dear Gearbox, Please, please make your Borderlands 2 DLCs less about artificial inflation of difficulty and length of play time via wearying level grinding and item farming, and more about actual content. There were so many clever things in the Clap-Trap's Revolution, Knoxx's Armory and Dr. Ned's Island DLCs that were lost in the waves of frustration brought on by your decision to force us to collect huge numbers of the same items (some of which had ridiculously low drop rates). As for the Underome DLC...well, there was a lot of potential there. If you had made it more competitive by, say, creating leader boards for clear times and kill counts and made it more worth our while by awarding more than cursory item drops at the end of each round and if you made the tournaments of a more reasonable length then this DLC probably would have won awards. I have pre-ordered your second Borderlands game in the hopes that you've learned from your mistakes. Please don't make this a waste of $60+ for your loyal fans. Yours, Ryan
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What I'm worried about all the eye candy in BL2 will take away from the game and overall experience.

Just hope the vanilla game is comparable to the 1st game or will in be on rails to the point where you don't care. 


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That is my biggest fear is the game will be too flashy to say it's a sincere sequel.

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I second this notion! GearBox please listen up.