Bomberman Live: Battlefest Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    You've dominated in every single arena. ...Of All You Survey
    That explosion was huge! At least 12 bombs big! A Real Blast
    A true fashionista, you've collected every costume! Full Closet
    Woah, that's serious talent! That's 11 consecutive Ranked Matches! Again, and Again, and AGAIN...
    You showed those guys! You've won 25 4-player online games! Excellent!
    Those three computer players never knew what hit them. Three with One Blow!
    Your 50 Capture the Crown points grant you a regal bearing, my liege. Hail to the King
    Careful investment has netted you over $500 in your Bankroll career. Wealth Beyond Measure
    You came, you saw, you've played a game on every arena! Explorerman
    That's 99 computer players we'll never see again. Luddite
    You've captured at LEAST five flags. Patriot
    Someone of real importance, you've been a VIP at least three times! Clearly Important
  2. Bomb-Up Pack I DLC Achievement

    Code Effect
    Win 2 matches in a row on Giant dressed in the complete Bombzilla costume. Requires Bomb-Up Pack I. Go Go Bombzilla!
  3. Bomb-Up Pack III DLC Achievement

    Code Effect
    Bomb someone who bombed you in one round on Resurrection or from a cart. Requires Bomb-Up Pack III. Revenge is So Sweet
  4. Bomb-Up Pack II DLC Achievement

    Code Effect
    Take out an opponent using a teleported bomb. Requires Bomb-Up Pack II. Surprise Attack! (15)