Good at first but...

Brain Age is a simple game, the player having to complete some minigames to supposedly "train your brain" Unfortunately, that's all Brain Age reaches out to, and it can get really old very fast. You start out with a few of the games which are easy enough, and to unlock the others, you have to play each day. Trying to unlock all of the games is entertaining, but once you do, and have played them 4-5 each, they start to get old, boring, and repetative. The one thing however that does potentially save Brain Age is the fact that there are tons of Sudoku puzzles built in. Although it is nice that the game has these features, there are other games made for Sudoku that do much better. All things considered, this game is great if you want something quick and fast to play. But if you want a title that is engaging, fun, and has a great replay value, you are much better off spending your money on The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, or Metroid: Prime Hunters.