A must download for Wii owners.

User Rating: 8 | Bomberman WII
Bomberman has always been the ideal multiplayer game and was the first four player game to be on a home console, mainly thanks to having to get the four player adaptor for your NES. Over the years, Bomberman has come and gone from gaming. Few may remember his disasterous "Bomberman Act Zero" for the 360 which tried to give the game this edgy, new look.

Now for only 1000 Wii points ($10) you can download Bomberman Blast and let me say, this game is more than worth it. Let me just say that this was my first Bomberman title and if it hadn't been for some coaxing from friends, I might have not gotten it.

First off, the game has a slew of modes and settings to choose from both on and off line. You can do the regular bombing deathmatch mode, capture the crown where you try to hold a crown as long as possible. Air Raid where you have to dodge falling bombs, team battle and timed modes. You get a variety of stages and weapons to choose from. The boards are scattered with items like jet packs, super bombs as well as items that can cause status ailments. Controls work well and make the game approachable for newer players. Holding the Wiimote sideways, controlling like an old NES game and shaking the remote to activate some items.

You can even customize your little Bomberman with a variety of taunt moves and sayings and eventually you can unlock the ability to play using your Mii's head.

The only major flaw of this game is sadly, the online is a bit touchy. Logging into a game can take a good while sometimes. Continental matches are easier to get into than world matches and from time to time it will disconnect. And in one weird instance, we were playing Capture the Crown and the time ran out but the game kept going until it disconnected.

Still Bomberman Blast is loads of fun. It has a great presentation, tons of modes and great multiplayer action.