Eye candy is the only thing that makes this game above average.

Doom 3, is the third installment in the Doom franchise. It was a highly hyped and anticipated game in its time. A lot of Doom fans (including me) just couldn't wait to play this game. We all knew how much impact the first Doom had on gaming and were excepting something revolutionizing again. So, was this game really worth the hype? Let's take a closer look.

*Warning, the following review may contain minor spoilers*

Story: 5/10
The game starts as you (a nameless marine) arrives at a research facility on mars to do research on strange incidents that have been happening on the facility. Soon after, the facility gets overrun by zombies and demons. So now it's up to you to battle the forces of hell and get to the bottom of this.

Sounds pretty promising doesn't it? You're probably thinking: "how could they screw this up?"

Even though the story starts promising, it doesn't really develop. There are 1 or 2 key moments in the game and that's it (if you want to know which key moments: 1. the facility getting overrun by demons and 2. when you find out that research on teleporting is being done on the facility). So you may ask yourself: "how is this bad?" Well, the game is pretty long (it will take around 15 hours to beat it in your first playthrough) and 1 or 2 key moments in the entire story just isn't sufficient to keep you hooked to the game. In other words: the story doesn't stimulate the player to continue playing.

The majority of the "story" is told via audio logs from workers at the facility. And while I really enjoy this form of storytelling I don't think it was in its place in this game. As this story is straightforward as can be and there are NO plot twists, the audio logs don't provide any useful background information. In other games that incorporated this for of story telling like System Shock 2 or Bioshock some smaller intriges were told via the audio log that could be pretty interesting but that's not the case in Doom 3. The story is just too barebones for this form of storytelling.
The only reason to really listen to the audio logs is to get codes to unlock lockers to get extra ammo and health. It didn't really contribute anything to the story. I do however, have to add that that the voice acting is pretty good.

These are the main reasons I give the story a 5/10, it's dull, uninteresting, and the plot is overused. But the story can be overlooked if the game play is good, right?

Graphics: 10/10
Let me start by saying that this was probably the best looking game in its time. And even by today's standards it still looks pretty good. I don't think I have much more to say here.

Gameplay: 6/10
This is what it's all about. If the gameplay in a game is good, we can all overlook all other factors such as bad story. So, is the gameplay going to make up for the bad story?

The answer is no. This game gets repetitive real quick. All FPS games are repetitive to a certain extent but Doom 3 takes it a a whole new level mainly because there's not a single gameplay aspect in which it excells. Doom 3 is a corridor shooter and all corridors look the same and you'll be fighting the same enemies over and over again. Games like F.E.A.R. could get away with this because the gunplay and core shooting was outstanding. In Doom 3 most guns just don't feel good. Most of them feel pretty stiff and sound like toys. The machine gun sounds and feels like a pea-shooter, just like the pistol.
The level desing is pretty uninspired. All you do is basically: go from point A to B, while shooting demons. Find out the door to B is locked. Go back, find key while shooting demons. Return to B, check
This game will probably take you around 15 hours to beat it. There will be a moment in this game in which you really wish it was over. It's the same shallow gameplay repeated, over and over and OVER again with very few satisfying moments to keep the player interested.

The AI is also as predictable as can be. I admit, they may get you the first few times but even a casual gamer that has never played and FPS before will get the hang of it real quick as all enemies basically follow the same pattern the whole time.

And let's not get started about the multiplayer. Multiplayer only supports 4 players which is, well nothing. If you really want to play multiplayer then there are a dozen other game that do it better than Doom 3.

Replayability: n/a
There is no point in touching this game ever after you have played through it once.

Sound: 4/10
First of all there's no music. You'll only be hearing the sounds of the demons and the guns through the majority of the game. This would, once again, not be a bad thing it the audio was good to begin with but even the audio is pretty uninspired (with exception of the parts in which you're listening to audio logs). It's just the same abysmal gunsounds and shreeks of the demons repeated.

A game being repetitive is not necessarily a bad thing as they're basically two forms of repetition. The enjoyable one and te unenjoyable one. Doom 3 falls into the unenjoyable category as a lot of things ranging from gunplay to sound design (both aspects which are crucial to make a good FPS) just fell terribly off most of the time.
To sum it up: Doom 3 is not only a great looking game graphically that really took advantage of the PC's power in its time, but it's also a repetitive shooter and that really has nothing that really grips the player so he'll keep playing.

Final verdict: 6.0