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  • User Rating:8.5

    arcade game with a NFS like engine!!!

    believe me.... you wanted to play a game like this, its just that there would have been so much in it that nobody thought of it, until activision designers thought of combining nfs and those arcade game where cars have g... Read Full Review

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  • User Rating:8

    Keyboard trash but still kinda good

    Blur was a great game, will neon glowing weapons everyone 5 seconds of running, getting blown up everywhere theres fun for any use to or current mario kart players, everything looks like cordial or juice though but its a... Read Full Review

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  • User Rating:8.5

    nice game!!

    has nice gameplay!! Reviews must be 100 words minimum. Any disruptive posting - such as excessive exclamation points, duplicate text, or all caps - is subject for removal. Do not copy content from another critic or us... Read Full Review

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