This game was impossible!!!

I usually hate it when people give bad ratings to games they think is hard and I don't mind hard. However, I do mind and am irritated by this game which is put simply..........RIDICULOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE!!! This game was way too hard and like I said, I don't mind a challenge, but this was too much. All the computer characters do is just hit you and hit you and when they do, you can't react! I went through pulling hair out of my head, throwing my controller across the room, and even started to cry, I was so frustrated. Anyway, spite the impossibility of this game, it was just terrible all together. Both the multiplayer and single player modes were just plain not fun at all and the graphics were garbage. So here's my advice, if your not preparred for the hardest game on earth and you want a good game, avoid this one. The old Godzilla movies were terrible and this game was no exception.