Ok, I know this is a old game compared to some, especially since the second game just came out But, it took awhile ....

For me to actually find another copy of this game, anywhere. I had traded my first one without finishing it and when I bought the second and now I'm about half way through I realized I should have finished the first game. So I did get to the end of this game and I have to say that the differences are glaring. The changes they made are in some cases for the better, in others well... The Cosmosphere is harder to get through in the second plus u have an added bonus of helping to recruit the out of control Reyvtails. I like that part. It's a really great game in that what you do AND say REALLY matters. Otherwise The whole STORY changes. I LOVE this game. It's fun to mess up and go ... ahhh crap. LOL then try again. The characters are fully fleshed out in that they ALL have a back story and that actually matters to the game, The combat system is turn based which as some of you know I LOVE, so it's not difficult to learn. As for weapons and items oh and those pesky recipes... Well this game makes hunting and gathering fun. Just check it out if you like it, you like it. If not... well it IS a FREE country, right?