Graphics: Very good. Story: Good. Multiplayer: Well...

For those who take gaming a little bit more serious, more than just a way spending time but going into competition then frustration is what you have experienced when facing problem like loosing your rank and unlockables. Why? Because the game server stinks, not only you can see that on this form but when you shoot somebody and he dies from 1 to 1.5 second later then you realize something is wrong.

Did I mention you could have problems trying to see your favorites servers on line? Yes. When you go to that TAB o History TAB you may find that only a couple os servers are "on line".

In my opinion the way that the character moves and interacts with objects in the world is really nasty. Slow to use knife and grenades, obviously at this point I am comparing BC2 with CoD4. COD it is absolutely faster than this game. I have never experienced these kind of multiplayer problems in COD. Unless they improve the Multiplayer experience on BF 3 COD will still rule.

What about having some one in your map to be revived and then finding your mate is a freaking gun? To many issues for my taste to be that benevolent.

PD. Do not be that noob to suggest connectivity or bandwidth issues.