This game is made for fans of Castlevania, Megaman Zero, and Devil May Cry. It feels like a sleek retro DMC in 2D

User Rating: 8.5 | BloodRayne: Betrayal PS3
This game is made for fans of Castlevania and Devil May Cry or Megaman Zero, and that's the intended audience. So anyone not acquainted with or a fan of CV will find this game's platforming /enemy placements to be difficult, and those not good at DMC or 2d fighting games the combat will be hard to master .

The games controls fantastically on ps3, and decently on 360
has beautiful music that is very reminiscent of Castlevania with a gothic rock feel at times.
The backgrounds look lovely with a dark Victorian style. The characters animate fluidly, and looks great especially Rayne with all her combos.

The combat is like a 2D transition of devil may cry, that has an emphasis on movement especially with the ability to bounce on heads like mario, which plays into the platforming.

and the platforming reminds me of megaman zero mixed with Castlevnia it comes together very smooth, except for the really hard parts that occur later in the game, but its remedied by a good check point system.

My only gripe is that you cant attack cancel/dash during long combo's, and level 13's got a few evil platforming sections..

it should take you around an hour or 2 to finish half the game, then another 3-4 to do the other half, due to longer and more difficult levels.