Bloodforge Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Break Cailleach's heart Storm and Disease
    Make the prophecy come true Showdown
    Kill the messenger Shadow Blade
    Take control of Fate Weavers of Fate
    Destroyed 10 deadly warriors of the gods Guts And Glory
    Tear 25 enemies to pieces Carnage
    Kill 5 enemies while completely enraged Killing Spree
    Discover the power of magic Now that's magic
    Ingest 25 runes of power Total Consumption
    Gruesomely kill an enemy while completey enraged Tear it up
    Use 5 different attack moves during an enemy encounter Killing the one trick pony
    Perform a perfect Rage Kill Ripping a new one
    Use the crossbow to link two attack chains together Float like a butterfly...
    Kill 10 enemies while they are bound with Crystals Like A Boss
    Perform a 75-hit combination attack Web of death
    Defeat a challenge of the gods Go for Broke
    Challenge a friend Care to step outside?..
    Decimate a friend's challenge Ah yeah!
    Destroy 10 friend's challenges Who's your daddy?
    Complete all challenge arenas Hail to the King baby!
    Collect all Rune Attacks Wizbit!
    Collect all weapon upgrades Weapons of mass destruction
    Collect all health and mana upgrades Inventarium Maximum
    Splatter Wodan's skull across the altar God of the Dead
    Be the last thing Balor ever sees Eye for an Eye
    Resurrect Aerten 10 times. Doing it wrong
    Allow Balor to kill 15 of his own troops Collateral Damage
    Hold the top rank amongst all friends on 3 battles Leader of the pack
    Obtain 3 consecutive perfect battle ranks Unstoppable
    Defeat a Risen Fomoiri Tank without being hit. Untouchable

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Avatar Awards

    Code Effect
    Perfrom a Kill Move. Crom’s Helmet
    Collect the Gauntlet. Crom’s Top
    Self Sacrifice. Crom’s Bottom

    Contributed by: Guard Master