please help i am new to the game

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Hi guys I'm new to the game, I have some questions I hope you can help me :) 1. I read a guide that said that only care about the lvl of the seed. this is true? 2. to create a perfect family needed 8 individuals, of 8, 4 have to max lvl. this is true? 3. what that mean Bahamunt? :S thanks for the help.
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If the seed is maxed, 10% of it's maxed stats are transferred, which is a significant difference between 10% of the max stats vs 5% of the level 1 stats. Yes, you would need 8, but you can use less and have near perfect evolution. Close enough, since the game is based on chance as much as it is on familiars. Bahamut is another game of the same genre as BB.