Bleach: The Blade of Fate Cheats For DS

  1. Unlock Bonnie

    To unlock Bonnie (the boar), clear Ganju's story mode. Bonnie has no standard moves, and only three special moves. Also, you get $200000 for clearing Arcade mode with her.

    Contributed by: m2pt5 

  2. Unlockable characters

    First beat Ichigo's story mode

    Code Effect
    Beat Zaraki Kenpachi's story mode Kusajika Yachiru
    Beat Orhime's Story Tatsuki
    Beat Ichigo's Story Soi Fon
    Beat Ichigo's Story Yorouchi
    Beat Ichigo's Story Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai
    Beat Ichigo's Story Ukitake
    Beat Yorouchi's Story Kuchiki Rukia
    Beat Rukia's Story Kon
    Beat Story 23 (Chronicles Of The Soul Reaper) Hollow Ichigo
    Do all the moves Yoruichi asks you to do in episode 1. Soi Fon
    Do not press select on the Yoruichi training stage on episode 1. Instead do all the moves she asks you to do. Unlock Episode 18
    Beat all episodes (1-23) Extra 1000000KAN
    Beat episode 13 Sajin Komamura (With Helmet)
    Beat episode 06 Bonnie
    Beat episode 22 Sousuke Aizen
    Beat episode 14 Sajin Komamura (No Helmet)

    Contributed by: Marc99 

  3. Unlock Hollow Ichigo

    Complete the first 22 story modes to unlock the 23rd story mode. Completing the 23rd story mode unlocks Hollow Ichigo. Hollow Ichigo has the same moveset as Ichigo, only with a different sprite and voice.

    Contributed by: BrianH 

  4. Unlock Time attack survival mode

    Code Effect
    complete all stories Survival mode
    complete all stories Time attack

    Contributed by: jediknight114 

  5. 500000 points bonus for Urahara shop

    When starting the game with "Bleach Advance: Kurenai ni Somaru Soul Society" inserted in the GBA slot, you got a 500000 points bonus for Urahara shop

    Code Effect
    Start the game with Bleach Advance inserted in the GBA slot 500000 points

    Contributed by: vvedge 

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