Blazing Souls: Accelate Cheats For PSP

  1. Endings

    The different endings that can be achieved in the game

    Code Effect
    Reach Old Road 5 and defeat Mother Genome before encountering Jadore in the story Bad Ending
    Either Beat Mother Genome after gaining Jadore as a character, or defeat all human genomes and then Edward without beating 50 floors of Abyssal Gate Normal Ending
    Activate all flags, gain all characters, defeat human genomes, clear Abyssal Gate then defeat Edward. then defeat ensuing battles True Ending

    Contributed by: metlspaz4 

  2. Spectral Souls Characters

    At any point in the Story after encountering Aria You can gain access to 3 characters from Spectral Souls.

    Code Effect
    Clear Old Road 4 Hiro
    Clear Old Road 4 Yunellia
    Clear Old Road 4 Rose

    Contributed by: metlspaz4