DBZTB3 is a new DBZ game.will it throw a spirit bomb to victory or shoot there last kamehameha?

4th review

DBZB3 is a new game that sends you into the DBZ universe.it gives you 150 characters with more fun and excitment. lets see my review to see how it overalled.

story- You go through all the DBZ saga with the same voices and crap which is all fine but is missing some key points. which is sill awsome if youre a non-dbz fan but i am but this is a review lol.
S-"so good solid snake would even praise you". 10/10

gameplay-they moved it into 3d fighting this time other than its 2ds fights that got a 8 and suffurs these 3d fights kick-ass as you have more free room to move in and fight plus blast your way the special arnt to broken because there easy as hell to block so it pushes and forces people to find the right angle to attck there opponet once you unlock all charecters duke it on online wifi (wii) or with a USB cable(PS2) the fighting system is amazing overall its really good.
S- Goku comes to life and bes your fighter.OMG. 10/10.

graphics/design- the same cool cute and overly muscular design akira toryima made and amazing looking enviroments make this game look sweet.
S- ""sonic killed everyone with sonic boom"!10/10

voice acting-same voices nuff said.
S-"so good solid snake will even praise you.

okay maby not for new DBZ player get a budokai one but if u played at least 2 dbz games chances are youll love DBZBT3.