A great game with a great story and ok combat. Recommend you play twice.

I've played this game twice and ive got to say, it was a blast. The story will definitely suck you in with all the interesting characters and wonderfull twists. Though the story is very complicated, i understood more of it when i played it a second time. Im sure the second game( which im sure is coming after the new arcade game) will explain this games complicated parts.

Now on to the combat. The combat of the game, i didnt pay much attention since i was sucked into the story. I didn't find to many issues though with the combat. They said it wasnt good but i found that i wasnt annoyed and thought the combat was actually pretty good. Now there are only 5 weapons in the game flare gun, shotgun, pump action shotgun, hunting rifle, and revolver. But i found myself not paying attention to the lack of weapons since the combat was crazy enough to keep me going.

All in all dont listen to the trolls who say this game isn't fun, because it is. The combat is fine, the story is wonderful and will keep you going. If your a survival horror player, then this is a definent buy, especially since you can probably pick it up for about 29.99 now. So go out and buy it.