Great Game, really! But is it a ten?? No way!

Though GTA 4 has numerous new features to Liberty City and its Game play, it does not reach the upper scale of my book...

GTA 4 has added multiple new features to its game play such as the new way you steal cars. You can no longer just hop on a parked car and ride away, now it is a process in which you must break the cars window and hot wire it. Yes this may make it more realistic but trust me, there will be occasions in which this will be a total pain!

Also, like Gears of War, when in a gun fight you may now hide behind stuff such as cars, walls, trash cans, ect. This is a great thing and makes gun fights easier yet still fun.

A con in my opinion is that unlike Saints Row, you can not create your own character, you are stuck with Niko like any other GTA game.

However, GTA 4 is a really cool game with fun missions and what not, if your a GTA fan, what are you waiting for? Buy it now! But if your not...heck, buy it too its a great game, just not a 10! A little overrated but cool..