$15 is a little steep, but this is a fun game.

Limbo is a fun platforming puzzle game that does quite a few things right. The game itself is very minimalistic, but the tone is set right away with a unique art style and an amazing soundtrack. The first few stages are superb. After that... it starts getting weird. Rather than outmaneuvering spiders in the forest, you'll find yourself in an industrial complex equipped with automatic weapons. At the halfway point, the tone of the game is kind of lost.

There are a few things to know before you get started... things that aren't taught in the game. First, you can drag boxes, bear traps, etc. Second, there are switches placed thoughout the later levels. This is especially important when you see a street sign with an arrow. Click the switch the same way you would drag a box.

To be honest, at the 2/3 mark I found a video walk through to help me out with some of the puzzles that weren't necessarily hard, just a matter of EXACT timing that I wasn't getting correct.

Overall the game is worth $10, but paying the full $15 seems a little steep, especially considering how short the game is.