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Most Helpful Positive Player Reviews

  • Review Score:9

    how do ppl dont like this game????

    i dont uderstand how ppl dont like blacksite. its my 2nd shooter i got on the ps3 and im imprressed gameplay: this game is fun!!!! instense action and awsome batlles and each level is great. its not the best fps thoug... Read Full Review

    8 of 10 users found the following review helpful

Most Helpful Critical Player Reviews

  • Review Score:4

    how not to make a successful first person shooter

    If you didn't like Jericho you will probably hate this. I know I gave Jericho a good review, but only because I'm a big horror fan and probably a bit biased, I realize it had it's flaws....this game has all the flaws tha... Read Full Review

    6 of 8 users found the following review helpful

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