Blacklight: Retribution Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete the training level Welcome to Blacklight
    1 Kill Your first time...
    10 Kills Killing Spree
    100 Kills Death Dealer
    10 Kills in a hardsuit Weekend Warrior
    50 Melee Attempts Joe Frazier the Hell Raiser
    1 Enemy Equipment Destroyed You seem to have dropped this...
    1 Enemy Turret Destroyed Sapper
    1 Revive Welcome Back!
    100 Kills in a hardsuit Mechanized Warrior
    1000 Kills Walking Dead Man
    10 Enemy Equipments Destroyed Cleaning Crew
    10 Revives Miracle Max
    Play 1 public match Pickup Gamer
    Play 1 Ranked Match In it to Win It
    10 Headshot with a hardsuit Boom! Headshot!
    100 Headshots Lost their minds
    10 Enemy Turrets Destroyed Are you still there...?
    1 Barricade Repaired Fixer-Upper
    1 Turret Repaired Holding the Line
    10 Heals Juicer
    1 Hardsuit Repaired Mechanic
    100 Heals Field Medic
    1000 Heals Dr. Feel Good
    100 Revives Necromancer
    1000 Kills in a Hardsuit Weapon of Mass Destruction