Blacklight: Retribution Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete the training level Welcome to Blacklight
    1 Kill Your first time...
    10 Kills Killing Spree
    100 Kills Death Dealer
    10 Kills in a hardsuit Weekend Warrior
    50 Melee Attempts Joe Frazier the Hell Raiser
    1 Enemy Equipment Destroyed You seem to have dropped this...
    1 Enemy Turret Destroyed Sapper
    1 Revive Welcome Back!
    100 Kills in a hardsuit Mechanized Warrior
    1000 Kills Walking Dead Man
    10 Enemy Equipments Destroyed Cleaning Crew
    10 Revives Miracle Max
    Play 1 public match Pickup Gamer
    Play 1 Ranked Match In it to Win It
    10 Headshot with a hardsuit Boom! Headshot!
    100 Headshots Lost their minds
    10 Enemy Turrets Destroyed Are you still there...?
    1 Barricade Repaired Fixer-Upper
    1 Turret Repaired Holding the Line
    10 Heals Juicer
    1 Hardsuit Repaired Mechanic
    100 Heals Field Medic
    1000 Heals Dr. Feel Good
    100 Revives Necromancer
    1000 Kills in a Hardsuit Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

Blacklight: Retribution Cheats For PS4

  1. Trophies

    There are 19 Bronze Trophies and 1 Silver Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Kill 50 enemies with the Hardsuit. Mechanized Soldier
    Kill 10 Hardsuits with the Flamethrower. Toasty
    Earn 50,000 GP. Bread Winner
    Reach Level 10. Field Agent
    Reach Level 34. Star Agent
    Reach Level Cap. Top Agent
    Played 20 Matches of Deathmatch. Who Needs Friends?
    Played 20 Matches of Search and Destroy. One Life to Live
    Played 20 Matches of Team Deathmatch. Team Player
    Played 20 Matches of Capture the Flag. Kleptomaniac
    Played 20 Matches of Kill Confirmed. No One Left Behind
    Played 20 Matches of Onslaught. Biohazard
    Complete a Match of Onslaught. To the Bitter End
    Fully Customize your Agent. Damn, I look Good
    Fully Customize a primary weapon. This is My Rifle
    Fully Customize a secondary weapon. This is My Gun
    Purchase Ammo from the Depot 10 times. This is For Shooting
    Taunt During a Match 100 times. This is For Fun
    Earn 3500 CP in a single match. Big Winner
    Earn all Other Trophies in Blacklight: Retribution. Mission Accomplished

    Contributed by: Seth0708