As sequel for Black Mirror series it is solid, as prelude for Black Mirror 3 it is perfect.

User Rating: 7 | Black Mirror II: Reigning Evil PC
- game graphic with same design as in the first chapter
- dark thrilling atmosphere
- epic melancholic music which enhances atmosphere
- storyline
- item and location highlighting feature
- game length

- logical problem-solving
- puzzles are quiet simple
- animations of people are incomplete
- texture bugs
- linear dialogs

I played brilliant Black Mirror I, so this game was an obvious choice for me. I was expecting sequel which would go in the footsteps of his predecessor. Black Mirror II has failed to meet my expectations, but even so it was worth it. This 2,5D point&click adventure accompanies us events that took place 12 years after first chapter. Intensified atmosphere by a story with many twists is why i recommend to play the game, especially to fans of this genre. On the other side, Black Mirror II is only something like a bridge to Black Mirror III. We will see if he manages to use this great start-up.