It sucks!

User Rating: 2 | Black & White MAC
I was very happy once I bought it, but later it wasn't what I expected. The graphics are pretty lousy. The story is like this sentence, it stinks like a cow pie in an oven. At first the story made sense, but then it was like WHAT IS GOING ON MAN! There isn't even music! The choice of character you can be sucks there is three suckish characters that (if you are a Buddhist) would not want to be reincarnated as. Don't get me started about the controls or your ability do things. At the begining you have to do a tutorial which took forever because of the rock throwing. Most of the time with spells they dont work when the should. The game is really slow.The 1 good thing is your conscience. They look and sound awesome. They really do help you decide what to do. Only problem (like everything else has) is that most of the time they agree.