To much to do in the game.

User Rating: 7.7 | Black & White PC
Gameplay: 7

All you pretty much have to do is take care of a pet and do a few quests. I said that it takes 1-2 hours to learn what to do because you seem to always be going through a tutroial in the game.

Graphics: 7

I gave the graphics a 7 because they are outdate. No frame rate problems. They're alright

Sound: Some really annoying sounds in the game. Your "concience" in the game can be really annoying.

Value: 8

B and W is a very cheap game, but its still not the best game out there.

In conclusion, Black and White is a game thats worth playing if you want to feel like god. Its not bad or good. It's worth a try, so give this game a try. I recomend it, even though im annoyed with it.

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