Bit.Trip Void Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Defeat the Super-ego boss without getting hit by a white Beat BULLET.HECK
    Chained 500 Beats JUGGLE.MASTER
    Collect 10,000 black Beats VOID.MASTER
    Turn all enemy Voids black and collect them during the Ego boss battle before beating the level POWERED.UP
    Play through an entire stage in Ultra Mode in Normal difficulty ULTRA.ULTRA
    Watch the hidden cutscene CONFIDENCE
    Beat Super-ego in Normal difficulty SUPER-EGO.COMPLETE
    Collect all black Beats without hitting any white Beats during a Challenge CHALLENGE.COMPLETE
    Race against the Id boss for 2 minutes before beating the level ROAD.HOG
    Chained 200 Beats MULTI.TASKER
    Beat Ego in Normal difficulty EGO.COMPLETE
    Beat Id in Normal difficulty ID.COMPLETE
    Chained 100 Beats JUGGLER
    Register a high score on the leaderboards BIT.TRIPPER
    Escaped Nether Mode OLD.SCHOOL.SKILLS

    Contributed by: Guard Master