Mr bubble...

User Rating: 10 | BioShock PC
Hey guy.. I finally end this games and this games is really cool. For the beginning I was wondered why I being transfer to the underworld and listen to a stranger who asked me to save him. 1 thing I dislike on this games is when the young child in this games is all the same face and I prefer to rescue her rather than killing her even in my mine that I hate her looking.

I was only enjoy the part when my battle with mr. bubble, but sometimes I was lazy to deal with that big machines I just only control his mind and try to call him to help me in advanced. If I feel tiring to play with him I will just direct rid him off from my screen. Sound evil isn't it?

Never know that this story have 2 ending which conclude your action on the little girl which you kill her to receive max adam or save her. At the end of the story they will revenge to human because of your own stupidity's for riding off the girl.

This games is greatly recommended for those who love shooting games.