A good FPS with great sci-fi elements.

User Rating: 8 | BioShock PC
Bioshock is a very interesting shooter and that gives a new feel to the FPS. The powers you gain through the game (I can't remember exactly how they're called) are surprisingly fun to use and you can go through various situations different ways depending on your selected powers. You can hack the turrets so they shoot your enemies instead, shock them or just set them aflame.

The choices you have between absorbing the little sisters Adams or changing them back into real children is a good addition, giving you more Adams if you absorb them or special gifts if you let them live, and will, in the end, change the ending.

The story isn't too present but it has a few twists that you are certainly going to like, I won't give any spoilers.

The graphics are quite good and I've found very few bugs/glitches while going through the game, wich is a large plus.

The only downside I've found is the lack of a multiplayer mode and how easy the final boss is to beat. But overall, Bioshock is a must have.