Gasp...unforgetable, needs a sequal. 10/10. Horrific awesomeness.

User Rating: 10 | BioShock PC
Bioshock is an amazing game! I beat it in...what was it? I think it was just over two days. Whatever.
I like RPG's the most when it comes to genre, followed close behind by the big gun behemoths like the halo series, I also like a horror twist to some games. This game is a pure blend of a fantastic, unique story, plus my two favorite gaming genres molded into a terrifying survival story of an unfortunate man who happened to live through a "Unfortunate Terrorist Attack". Being in a plane when some terrorists attacked over the ocean, leading the plane to plummet to the cold depths below.
Unknowingly, you stumble upon Rapture, an undersea utopia where, as Andrew Ryan (maker of rapture, alongside Fontaine) says, "There is no god, only man." A city where there's no communism, no crime, no flaws, no government at all, perfection at it's best. The introduction of the genetic altering plasmids also makes it so that people think they can be like superheroes, or they just make use of them to make life more simplistic.
Unfortunatly, these plasmids backfire, turning nearly every person in rapture into a psychopathic bloody freakshow.
Plunged into this world only with a guide named Atlas to help you, you embark on a quest to escape the living hell that is, Rapture. Using as much ammuntion, heavy artillery, and plasmids you can find to defeat the monstrosities that plague you.

There is a lot more, and I mean A LOT more to the story and gameplay.
I just have to say I loved this game and I couldn't put it down.

P.S. Everyone has heard of the monsterous 'Big Daddy'. Guys don't fall for it, once you get past the first two or three it becomes a breeze. Seriously, those first couple Big Daddy's, and the bosses of the game, are all you really have to worry about. Unless you play on hard mode, in which case, worry about everything.