an adventure fps as i would put it

User Rating: 9.5 | BioShock PC
this game is truely amazing from all angles,the story starts off quite interesting as you start on a plain not really knowing where you've bin or what's going on,a plain crash's and you end up in the water in the middle of now where, all thats in sight is a lighthouse...... so you go to the light house which takes you down to an elevator,which then takes you to rapture to start your quest.

this game is good and i will list why

1) graphics are still today very appealing and realistic especially the water
2) the ai in the game is good and also fun to watch
3)doesnt take as much to run on pc as other graphical games of this standard
4)the story line is incredible and keeps you very interested
5)guns are upgradeable
6)special abilities are fun and also upgradeable
7)big daddys are fun to battle
8)things to collect and tapes to listen to (which i found quite funny =p)

bad points in my oppinion the only bad point is the game is short but deffinatly worth the money =0)