I waited to get this game until I upgraded my PC and it was well worth the wait, amazing graphics and freaky story.

User Rating: 8.5 | BioShock PC
I've only been playing this for a day so far but am really impressed. Graphically it is outstanding and playing in the dark with headphones on is a pretty freaky experience. It is a bit on the easy side so far, but it's still really fun to play.

Can't say enough about the water effects in the game, the atmosphere is just outstanding and it makes for a really different experience in the FPS.

The story is really involving and I usually don't get caught up in FPS stories, even Half Life, I usually just like going in and blowing the hell out of everything but they did a great job of making the story really appealing.

I wouldn't say I'm as blown away as I was when the first Call of Duty came out, but it's still a fantastic game, definite must for even casual FPS fans like me.

I wanted to play this when it first came out but waited until I could upgrade my hardware and so far it runs great on my Asus VT50 laptop (GeForce 9800 GS, Core 2 Duo P7450, 4 Gig ram)