An amazing rally game...

I had just got this game a couple of days ago...and it is just one awesome rally racing game.Here's why...

The Good:
Awesome Graphics
Single Player
Split Screen Multiplayer

The Bad:

Dirt 3 is an awesome game,it's got some great graphics,sound,gameplay,and it's got some great levels where you race,like in snow.And the single player is great and the levels can be really easy...as well as hard.And the multiplayer is also awesome.

and it's much better than Dirt and Dirt 2.and everything has really improved...like the graphics,the graphics are mmuch,much better than the previous game graphics,and it's got some awesome cars like the Ford Focus,Subaru Impreza,Mitsabushi,and there are even some awesome racing cars,and some great off road cars to,and there are also off road trucks you can drive.

And there's that green line on the road that help's you to drive properly,just say your not sure where you should drie,then that line will surley help you,like in Need For Speed Shift.

Also there is online,which is awesome and is really fun,and there are diffarent modes you can play in, and there is also split screen multiplayer,which is awesome,and it's also really fun to.

Also there are new types of single player & multiplayer sessions,which are really cool,and which make the game much more fun to play.

And there is nothing bad that I can say about this game...nothing at all,for me,I think it's just perfect,and deserved it's rating.Although I think it could of done with a 9.5,but anyway,it's an awesome game...and if you love rally games,then this...is definatley the one for you.