A must buy for fans of the RTS genre.

This spin-off of the Age of Empires series is a great game. It has great graphics, interface and a lengthy, but interesting campaign. Though I haven't played it on multiplayer, it's bound to be good, especially due to the Ensemble Studios Online. There's just one campaign, which has a little more than 30 scenarios. Although the story is intriguing, most of the scenarios are 'base builders', i.e., you'll have to build an empire right from scratch. Again, as in all Age games, the Random Map mode will be the only reason to play it after the campaign is over.
There are only three civilizations, but each of them is unique, and less are the things which are common in them.
The new feature is the 'God Power' which balances out the three civilizations along with adding variety to the game.
If you're an avid fan of the Age of Empires series but don't own this one game, you're really missing something great.