AC: Wild World is your basic Sims DS with animals

Welcome to the town of whatever you name it! In AC: WW, you live in the town of whatever you name it, under the name of what you chose. The owner of the local shop, Tom Nook, will give you your debt that you must pay off to "win" the game, Along your path of money paying-offing, you'll interact with your neighbours and possibly become their best friend. If you befriend them enough, they'll give you a picture of them (but never have your pockets full or you'll never get it!) Your debt will start off at 17 000 Bells (Animal Crossing currency) which is so simple, that then Nook'll bash your piggy bank with 108 000 Bells! As the money's paid off, your house will grow bigger and bigger until you have a mansion and go buy a gold crown and a monocle!

The graphics are satisfactory which is good. But the entire game itself is HUGE. There's even opportunities to get a haircut, donate money to the needy, buy objects from a weekly black market, get fooled buy an insurance scam, get stung by bees if you knock their nest out, and do deliveries for your fellow animal friends.

So if you can't find The Sims for a decent price, or want to play something other than AC GameCube, then go to GameStop, buy a DS with this game, and watch your character live!