Bioshock is a thrilling,engrossing,amazing adventure,one of the best shooters of all time.

User Rating: 9.5 | BioShock X360
From the creator of System Shock 2,comes Bioshock,one of the greatest shooters of all time.

The game is set in Rapture,a fantastic city,gone wrong. From the first step you take into this city,you will constantly feel a shiver of dread down your spine. You look on at the beautiful portraits and posters,now splattered with blood. It's saddening.

This game's story is surprisingly good,especially for an FPS. It narrative engrossing games like this,Half-Life,and System Shock,that truly define the FPS genre. The story follows you,an unknown character,through the ruined city created by Andrew Ryan,a billionaire and incredible visionist. He had a dream of building a city where the great people of our time could live,free of religion and censor,to unleash their genius and full potential.

People may not realise this,but Andrew Ryan succeeded. He created his city just as he had invisioned,but with any great visionist,there are always those who rise up against them. When scientists introduced the possibility of altering genetic DNA,to give on superhuman powers,Ryan did not object,he allowed it to go through. They were named plasmids. It was from there that people started taking advantage of plasmids,using them for bad things,taking too much.

New years eve,1959,approximately 15-20 years after Raptures creation,things went wrong,the plasmids negative effects soaked in. Doctors tried desperately to cure people,fix them before it was too late,but they too were consumed by the plasmids,soon Rapture went to hell.

About a year later is when you show up. Your plane crashes near a lighthouse,you go in,take the submarine down to Rapture,and uncover it's secrets. The gameplay and graphics for this game are fantasstic,you will constantly be immersed. The sound is arguably the best part of the game,whenever you hear the faint sound of a splicer humming away to themselves,or the grown of a big daddy,the hair on the back oy neck will stand up strait.

I wish I could give Bioshock more than a 9.5,but due to the rating system,I could only give it a 10,which is too much. Regardless I suggest you delve into Rapture now,and discover it's secrets. So would you kindly go pick this game up,or atleast rent it. Thank you.