An excellent game, currently being ruined by technical issues.

User Rating: 1 | BioShock PC
I have now played the demo and the full versions on both the 360 and PC. The first thing I should mention is that I was quite surprised at how well the PC version ran when compared to it's console cousin. I was playing it on a Vista machine with an 8800GTX and the rest of the machine was high spec. suffice to say it ran very nicely.

The graphics are for the most part excellent, I did notice a few textures that looked a little low res for my liking, but for the most part the graphics were top notch. I want to give special mention to the artistic style of the game. It has been done in quite a remarkable way, and for some reason I keep thinking it looks just like how I'd imagined some of the settings from Jules Verne's 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea'. I have noticed a lot of complaints regarding the implementation of widescreen in this game. Maybe I just don't understand the issue at hand, but I didn't notice any problems playing the game at 1920x1200 on the Dell 2407 24" widescreen, it looked fine to me.

The sound is also very good, the music seems to capture a feel of the 1920's or 30's and again adds to the overall atmosphere. I have noticed quite a few people having problems with sound on X-Fi cards. I must say that the sound worked fine on the X-Fi I played with. The only problem I noticed was that occasionaly the surround sound from the 7.1 system seemed a bit wierd, It is difficult to describe, but it was almost as if there were certain spots where the sound volume would drop significantly. I only noticed it a few times, and if I changed my viewing position it would suddenly jump back to normal volume. It was almost like some kind of audio blind spot!

Onto the gameplay. First thing is the controls, I found the default mouse controls way to sensitive, I turned it down to the lowest mouse sensitivity but still found it a bit to sensitive for me. It was no big problem though. I must say that the way combat has been implemented in the game is excellent, I found myself enjoying each encounter with the bad guys. I also love the genetic mutation abilities you get and the graphic effects for some of them are very nice. The environments seem quite interactve whilst playing which was impressive.

So why the low score ? Well, there is a big problem at the moment. The decision to include securom copy protection with the game seems to have caused quite a stir. As things stand it seems you are only able to activate the game 2 times, after that you are at the mercy of either 2kgames or securom themselves. If this doesn't bother you then fine, but it is my personal opinion that this is a show stopping, critical flaw. I class it in the same light as a bug which would stop me from playing a game. This is why I am currently rating the game a 1/10, in effect this means that imho the game is to all intents and purposes 'broken'.

If this issue with DRM didn't exist I would have given the game a 9/10. If 2kgames fix the problem with DRM then I'll happily amend my review, until then I class the game as unfit for purchase.