A class shooter that i won't soon forget.

User Rating: 9 | BioShock PC
Bioshock is set in an Ayn Rand dystopian past. For those who have read Ayn Rands books it was especially fun to see a game maker take the social ideas and turn them into an interactive experience. It also sets it apart from any game ever made. There has never been a world created with the same theme and setting. Finding something unique within the endless supply of World War 2, Urban sandbox, Medieval castle and Sci-fi action games is truly a rare treat and for this alone its worth a play through.
The gameplay is fluid and fun although plays just like any other FPS. The main difference is in the mix of genetic splicing magic based attacks that are upgraded througout the game. My personal choice was to use the wrench as the main weapon and throw out distracting target dummies to confuse the enemies. I rarely chose to roam alone, i liked to move around with a big daddy as my companion.
I've played through it five times and each time i mix up my combat strategy with different plasmids, different weapons and different tactics. All playstyles are welcome but i find the melee heavy builds to be slightly overpowered compared to the rest and by the end of the game you are just running around with the wrench and beating everyone down with no challenge and full ammo in every gun. i would actually pull out my guns just to waste ammo towards the end because i was sick of cracking a safe just to already be full on supplies.
My complaints are few, my praise is high. If there was anything they could have done to make this a better game it would be to give me more and more and more. I wanted to stay in rapture and continue to beat down the splicers with my OP wrench forever.
Not a perfect game, but a truly great one. Not very many game developers put this much attention and love into their product.