Reach for the Skies with Bioshock Infinite.

User Rating: 10 | BioShock Infinite PS3
Bioshock 1 was a 2007 game and was praised very highly by players and critics alike but Bioshock 2 came and whilst it was good just didn't have that same effect on us. Well Bioshock Infinite has arrived and boy is it more than worth it's wait.


You are Booker Dewitt sent on a mission to rescue Elizabeth to wipe out all his debts he has owned but as soon as you have saved her the story only has just started.


Bioshock Infinite whilst it does play virtually the same to previous entries in the series it certainly throws in alot of cool new stuff to make it feel fresh. The Elizabeth character being just one will aid you and be able to send things through things known as Tears to help you against foes. She also can pick locks for extra goodies which are hidden behind them,throw you ammunition and even Salt for your Vigors which are similar to Plasmids from previous games. She is also very capable of looking out for herself and is a very good partner to have.

The Vigors just mentioned are basically Plasmids and they are alot of them. One fires like grenades like fire,another can send enemies flying to their dooms and one of them can even possess certain enemies. I won't spoil anymore abilities but you won't be disappointed. You also collect things called Infusion which upgrade either your Health,Shield or Vigor They work very well and to be used they require Salt to use on targets but some abilities won't work on every enemy there will always been one that isn't to effective. Put that with the likes of Shotguns/Machine Guns/RPGS and more weaponry and you have got alot of good stuff in here.

Unlike other Bioshocks this game has more focus on action where hordes of enemies will attack at points and it can get very intense especially when they come to Sky Rails. Speaking of them they are awesome to use and can let you do an executing kill on certain enemies if you land on them and they also provide a quick escape as well.

There is a point in the game where the pace feels to slowdown in the middle but apart from that the gameplay as a whole is just absoultley thrilling.


The looks on this game is mindblowing a masterpiece of art in every sense of the world. Is it better than Rapture well that's up for debate but it is certainly amazing scenery just looking at the attention to detail on the city. The characters also deliver amazing performance. At the start of the game Booker and Elizabeth are a bit unsure about each other but as the game progresses an understanding between the characters develop and they grow very close to each other.


About 15 to 20 hours possibly if you are looking to find every hidden collectible but you will play it again because it is just so amazing and because of the experience plus of there being higher difficultly levels.

Overall Opinion

Bioshock Infinite is one of those games after you have beat it will go back and say wow. It is an absorbing game with plenty to see and admire. Very likeable characters and a very fasicnating story that grips you to the very end. Bioshock Infinite is just downright one of the best games ever made and if you miss it you only have yourself to blame.

Overall Score 9.8