wheres the review?

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the usual for a game like this is that the review comes out 5 days or so before release. and its coming in 3.5 ....... we know u guys have played it im dying for the review so i can see all aspects of the gameeeeeeeeeeee

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Seriously, IGN's review has been live for 12 hours or so. GameSpot dropping the ball.

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I dont need a review to know this game will be amazing.
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i know the game is gonna be amazing but none the less i wanna see the review :)...... yeh watched it as soon as that came out at least on ign they posted when they were releasing the review.......... i wanna seeee it cmon gamespot do ur thing :)
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Maybe IGN had an exclusive pre-release review agreement,hence the 9.5 score it took....


given that,i suppose Gamespots review will be at exactly 9.0

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Sounds like a very down-to-earth attitude.
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ok so the game is officially coming out in less then 24 hours and still no review... im officially disapointed