Songbird Origins

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Anyone got any theories they want to share on just what that thing really was?

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Isn't it kinda hinted in one of the voxaphones that the scientists of Columbia got some of their technology by open tears to other realities?, which suggests that they stole the Big Daddy tech from the Rapture universe, and perhaps Songbird is their own version of the Big Daddy. Glowing eyes/violently protective of its female charge, etc.

Which suggests that there's a person (or what used to be a person) inside the thing...

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I heard if fitzpatrick from the first game who played the piano in the first bioshock, brought in through a tear. There is a video of easter eggs on youtube, apparantly you can the the sounds of songbird, like subliminally in the background. that game is like 6 years old, but im not sure