met Ken levine today

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I met Ken Levine today at New York Comic Con. He was at the Dark Horse Comics Booth because they are publishing " The Art of Bioshock Infinite" book. He was super nice and personalized his signature with my name on a Bioshock Infinite poster and a Bioshock Limited Edition box art.

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He looks like a nice guy. Its always nice to see someone who gets excited about the games they make, it actually makes me want to buy it more. like Randy Pitchford from Gear Box
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I've run into both Ken and Randy at several cons (PAX, NYCC, etc).  Both very nice guys.  Randy is a bit of a shmoozer (think "used car salesman"), but not in a terrible way.  He's just very conscious of his public image.  I love that he wears a blazer everywhere.  LOL.  Ken is a class act.  A bit rough around the edges, but he tells you what he thinks, which is rare.  He's also crazy smart.  Remembered me the second time I saw him, which was a surprise.