Game is suddenly way more difficult...

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So I am slightly over halfway complete with the game and am at the part where I have to open the 3 Tears for Lady Comstock and I can't seem to get through any battle with out dying multiple times. I'm wondering if this happened to anyone else and if you have any tips or tricks.

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Make sure you have a really good hardcore weapon and your salts are full.Also use the cover method and know where the vending machines are located.

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I completed this first time on medium simply by focusing entirely on Lady Comstock for the first two battles, then on the hird battle hanging back and using the sniper rifle to target her/her minions.

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I find the best way is to just concentrate on the siren, from a distance with a sniper or the carbine rifle. I also find if you use elemental vigors like undertow then shock jockey or devils kiss on the enemies that she resurrects, they end up turning to ashes and therefore she cannot resurrect them again. Then just finish the cow off haha.

Hope that has helped

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I would use Possess to keep the minions somewhat busy on each other... Then I'd plow in close range, using the carbine at first, then swapping to the shotgun once I took down the distance. With those two weapons fully upgraded, she won't have much left after a full clip of each.