Booker, Comstock, Elizabeth and Columbia (Spoilers ahead)

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A good game overall. Just wondering about 2 things, maybe these were explained but I just missed them, however it would be cool if someone could clarify this. So (this is as far as I understood things) Comstock and Booker are the same, but in different realities. So, Comstock comes from his reality into Booker's (the PC) reality to get Booker's daughter. He gets her and returns to his own reality. How, and why is Comstock, who stole Booker's daughter, and Columbia for that matter, in Booker's (PC) reality? Did Comstock or Elizabeth somehow opened a tear and brought Columbia to Booker's reality? The other thing is, how exactly did Comstock know that Booker would have the AD on his hand, therefore branding him the 'False Shepherd' on Columbia, since, as far as I understood, Booker 'tatooed' the AD after Comstock kidnapped his daughter, therefore when Comstock kidnapped his daughter, Booker did not yet have the mark. I hope both issues are clear, so if someone could answer, that would be great

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okay so for the first question, you understand correctly that booker and comstock are the same person/different reality, via different "quantum-probability-choice" made at baptism. one chose one didnt. Comstock was unable to have children of his own. So he asked Lutece to help him. It is She and her "Brother" (who is also her but from another reality where she was born a man). Now its the Lutece's who are Quantum physicists who invent a way to enter other realities. They find one where Comstocks other self booker has a child, and they bring it to him. As for how he knows about the mark "AD" Its not really explained other than that Comstock has seen the future, or a possible future where the "false shepherd" arrives. He is called the prophet because, the luteces technology has enabled him to see this possible future. I know its very confusing but I hope this helps.

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@Jasper_73: Thanks for the answer, but why is Columbia in Booker's reality, since in this (in which we begin the game) reality, there is no Comstock, as Comstock went back to his reality after taking Booker's daughter, and therefore, there should be no Columbia in the first reality... shouldn't it?

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Ah... at the end of the game, you see the Lutec's bring Booker to Comstocks reality, prior to when you see them rowing him to the lighthouse, at the beginning. Also during the game Booker mentions to Elizabeth that he wasn't ever aware of a floating city. Again at the beginning of game (in the lighthouse) if you remember there is a body with a bag on his head, and a message reading " Do Not Fail" (or something similar). This is another Booker (one who failed). Later on if you can remember you meet the Lutece's, who flip a coin which lands heads. He has a chalk board with a score of how many times it has landed heads and how many times tails. With them all landing on heads. This confirms that you weren't the first Booker that they have brought into Comstocks reality. They have tried this numerous times with each prior attempt a fail. I guess the coin flip is the Luteces way of trying to determin if things will be different this time round.