Bioshock had me hooked.

User Rating: 10 | BioShock 2 X360
I never got BioShock when the first one came out in 2009, I believe. I looked at it once or twice and thought to myself "it's not going to be that good." But recently, I was watching a friend play the mutliplayer to BioShock 2 and it reminded me a little of Fallout 3 (the game to take away 5 months of my lifetime through addiction of it). Curious, I naturally researched the game and I realised that it looked unbelievable and kicked myself for not getting it sooner.
After looking aimlessly for a week for the first one, I decided to go against the laws of gaming and bought the second one first instead. After passing the game within 2 days, I adored every second of it. I found the RPG experience extremely life-like with the scavenging for equipment within containers to the free roaming within the city. What had me addicted so much though was the Little Sisters and the story line. Firstly, the adorableness of the Little Sisters just had me in awe with each one and I found it extremely difficult to harvest the Little Sisters or even give my first one freedom, knowing I was going to lose her. Secondly, the story line was absolutely amazing with not just the main quest but the side quests also. I couldn't help but find myself a little disappointed when I finished the game so I restarted it until I got the first one, just today. And guess what? Already completed it. Heh.
To anyone that is contemplating on buying this game I have to implore you to. It is absolutely fantastic! And if you're hesitating because you believe that your manly screams will echo throughout the house, don't worry about it. If I wasn't frightened then I assure that you wouldn't either as I'm a scaredy cat.