User Rating: 3.8 | Bionicle PC
Bionicle: The Game is like I said could be better the Graphics a pretty good the sound is not the bad but it repeats so much that it gets anoying, the game play I have to say is terrible this game is too short for instance the second level you just snowboard now why couldn't they have made it so you can run around the village also the ads LEGO put out for the PC version are lies you can't play the old toa you just get to play old Tahu and old Kopaka so thats a real bummer. The controls are fairly simple but you use just the right side of the keyboard to play and the camera control is simply horrible like if you need to jump over something the camera rotates so that you can't see what uour jumping over and if you try to rotate the camera just goes back to the same position. If you loose the first part of a level it always repeats the dialogue which can get anoying after awhile all and all Bionicle feels like the developers tried to get it done as fast as possible. Obviously this is just another one of LEGo's ways of selling their toys.