User Rating: 2.1 | Bionicle PC
Okay I'll be brief. Here are the main problems I see in the game:

-Super simple control. Except for the movement in 4 directions, you have a jump, an attack, and a shield.
-No variety in attack move. You just keep blowing the same thing from your tool.
-Functions are not made to be useful. Shield last for such a short time it isn't practical even if you keep smashing the button. Besides, if the enemy fire in streams, the shield is basically useless. I still don't get what triggers the powerful attack move. Well, who cares, it's still pretty lame.
-Your movements are hard to control. You stand a good distance from the lava, and yet can't take a step closer, because if you do, you fall in. The hero obviously don't know about taking smaller steps.
-Super dumb enemies!! Their attacks are all super close ranged, and they won't advance towards you. You die because you run into them, and they keep on throwing attacks on you.
-You only have 4 energy bars!! Takes one hit from the enemy to drain one bar!! How weak was that? I bet your hero will just keep on disintegrating.
-The jump! That jump! You call that a jump?
-Lots of instant deaths. If you fall into lava, too bad, start over. Don't forget you only have 4 energy bars as well.
-Your attack blows home in on enemies! And they rarely misses! How cool is that? You just have to keep firing stuff in the approximate direction of the enemy, and you get to tear them apart.
-Oh, the camera control. Totally random and frustrating. I felt the intense urge to puke from dizziness from 10 minutes of gameplay.
-Lame power-ups! Lightstones are useless unless you want to collect about 100 of them to unlock something. No, don't do it, finding them almost made me puke, though they are usually just sitting out in the middle of your path.
-What's the point of rescuing Matorans when they're just standing there, freely, in some very safe-looking place? And they're weeping??
-Stage designs are dull and you can usually see through a section of a stage in a glance.

Err...there're a lot more. But I think these are enough to prove that this game is definitely not worth your time, if you don't want intense frustration and boredom.