This game is nothing short of outstanding.

The original TimeSplitters was an entertaining but limited game. The graphics were pretty terrible, and the weapon design was lacking, but it was still fun. After that game, Free Radical went back to its GoldenEye roots. Everything is reminiscent of GoldenEye, which is a very good thing. First off, the graphics in this game are a HUGE step up from what they were before. They still could be better though. The sound is fantastic, and the weapon design is much better now. The story mode is decent this time around, although the levels could be tied together better. It has a plot now, which is pretty good. Basically, the time crystals have been stolen by the TimeSplitters and you have to rescue them before they disrupt time forever (or something similar to that, I forget). All of the levels make sense, are difficult enough, and have replay value. They're also exciting. For example, on one level, you have to blow up a reactor. In another level, you have to escape a room with a laser gone haywire. You're forced to play the levels first on Easy, but then you can play them on Normal or Hard. Normal levels are longer than Easy levels, and Hard levels are the same as Normal levels, except you take more damage and the enemies are tougher. It's still pretty short though. But the Single Player mode is nothing compared to the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer in TS2 is extremely good, not only with bots, but without! The maps are stellar. The fast-paced action is sure to keep you on your toes. My only complaint with the Multiplayer mode is that there is no online component, which, along with a few bugs (DON'T let this keep you from buying the game - it's still FANTASTIC) in the MapMaker mode (which increases the replay value significantly) that make it crash, keep this game from getting a 10 from me. Still, this game is a must-buy for First Person Shooter fans. I wish Free Radical made the third game T-rated though, so more people could play the game.