An excellent game that offers many things as time progresses.

This game offers one thing that many games dont ever get to offer, and thats the passage of time and the effects of that.

Gameplay: This games control design is pretty solid. You are given the option to use either the stylus or the D pad to move around and do stuff. Using the stylus gives you better precision (especially when attempting to catch bugs or fish for well....fish). The downside to constantly using the stylus is that it drains the battery faster so I seemed to always stick to the D pad.

Content: This game offers so much in the area of customizable content that its quite insane (for a handheld game). Your house, which you can upgrade as you progress through the game, can be customized in any which way you want with the furniture that you gain as gifts, bought from the store, or bought from the black market tent (high prices but sometimes items found there just cant be found elsewhere). Theres also a set out there that you can only get during the winter time if you know what to do (thats all i am going to say, no spoilers here =P). Other areas of the game include customizing what you are wearing, adding to the various collections at the museum, interacting with the inhabitants in the game, and participating in the various competitions/events that come around at their scheduled times (including some holidays such as christmas and the 4th of July).

Sound: Sound is fairly simple though appropriate for each area. If you know the names of the songs in the game, you can go to the bar and listen to them on a specific day at a specific time and have it played. You will also receive a tape of that song to place in your radio back at your house. Value: This game never truely gets old until you have played it for an entire year where everything cycles over again and you have participated in all the events. There is even a simplified version of the stock market in the game where you could make loads of money or loose out on loads of money. Being a valued customer at Tom Nook's has benefits of reduced prices. This game is a rare case where you really arent looking at replay value but rather you look at continued play value. Originally released on the GameCube, it ported over to the DS rather nicely.

If you have a DS, this game is definitely worth getting.