Far away from the GTA Series, this game involves the "Mysthical aura" of Mario Puzo´s book

First of all, let me tell you that the first Godfather version I´ve played was a PC one. Then, after buying my PS2, I´ve discovered that is too much easier control your avatar using PS2 joystick.
I´ve not seen much graphic difference between the two versions, but controlling a Mafioso using the keyboard is not simple, specially during special movements such executions styles and using wall for covers. The only moment the keyboard wins is during driving missions.
Godfather is a "open ended" game that some persons use to compare with GTA series. It´s similar, but completely different. On Godfather you have a background story, a "mystical aura" regarding the trilogy by Mario Puzo. You play a role in this world, and as a novice Mafia guy you have to learn the basics on how to use firearms, how to extort business and how achieve higher positions on your family.
You start as a Corleone protected, and parts of the movies are used on game to provide the correct atmosphere. You interact with movies personages, for example Luca Brasi, and are responsible for some actions that aren´r showed on big screen.
Besides the main mission, you may follow some contracts, where you must do assassinations using certain methods to complete the list. Also, you have to extort business and buy rackets spreaded by 4 neighborhoods, to earn money and go higher on rankings. The first achieved rank is soldier, and as you complete missions and extortios happens you grow until the highest level, Don of NY.
To achieve your goals, you must extort all business and rackets, and eliminate the rival famiglias, the tattaglias, the Barzini, the Cuneo and the Stracci by bombing their compounds.
The weapons are well designed, and you may buy up-grades that raise the magazine capacity and the power of each gun. I really like the Dillinger, the ultimate version of Tommy gun.
During game you drive many varieties of cars and trucks, some models are stronger than others, some are faster than others, so your pick depends of the moment. You may use any car you find on streets, including police cars.
When you extort business you´ll find buildings with several different internal architecture, contributing with the surprise of being shot with a shotgun on you head. The compounds are tough targets, since you have a great number of enemies inside, and also the warehouses will give you many loadings during games.
The music sometimes become a pain, it´s good but there are few options, varying from the theme song to a "action" song. They should improve it, since the game is a excellent one.
I´ve finished it using about 40 hours, with 100% of itens, but if you follow the main mission you may use only 20 hours of intense gaming.