Out of all the bad licensed games that have come out, Bionicle is one of the worst ever.

User Rating: 3.3 | Bionicle PS2
At first glance, a Bionicle game seems like a good idea. It is a popular LEGO series targeted at a pre-teen audience. It is based around PG-style action and has it's share of Fantasy Violence. And a Bionicle movie had come out around the same time this game was released. It seemed like a perfect time to release a Bionicle game. Too bad this game is flat-out awful. Gameplay- Brett Todd is exactly right. How can you jump form platform to platform without a decent view point? I honestly have no idea. For some reason, Argonaut thinks you can. I will go on record of saying that this is by far the worst camera system I have ever seen. You cannot see the enemy you are firing at and you cannot see where you are jumping. Sure, you can move it, but the camera will automatically switch back to bad angle as soon as you move. That makes the camera always being away from your enemy. You also don't hit people with your sword, like you'd expect. Instead, you shoot some kind of aura at it. It looks very stupid and seems out of place in the Bionicle wolrd. The rest of the gameplay is hard to come by because the camera ruins it all. However, the game is so easy that just pressing circle a couple times will be able to defeat most enemies even if you can't see them die. Graphics- The character models don't look that bad. It is decent, though not anything great. The environements are somewhat plain, but they still don't look bad. The cut-scenes are also decent, but the overall polish of the graphics isn't there. The game just looks so boring compared to the movie, but the graphics are still acceptable nonetheless Sound- Another rejuvaning part of Bionicle. The voice acting is actually pretty good. The music is also okay. Though Bionicle falls apart in the sound effects. There is absolutely no variety in the sound, and you will get fed up with the unrealistic and annoying sounds the characters make when they attack. The voice acting is enough to bring the sound to 6/10, but the gameplay is so bad that you will be so busy think about why you continue to play this game, that the sound won't really matter much. Value. This game is only 2.5 hours long! If you've seen the movie, then you will be disappointed to find that the story doesn't go into much detail or really do any more than touch on the movie plot enough where you can barely follow it. Others will be completely lost because your knowledge of the movie is the only way you can make out what is going on. There is no replay value in Bionicle. You can go back and replay levels, but they are so bad that you won't want to. It is only 1 player, so you can't torture your friends, and the camera is so bad, that your friends can't see the horor of this game if you try to show it to them as a prank. I would have given this a 1/10 in value when this came out, but now it is a lot cheaper, so you will be more angry at you wasting your time than your money...maybe... Tilt- I like Bionicle so I have to give one point back for that. I hate this game so the 1 point back for the Bionicle characters is all this game gets. As far as bad licensed games go, Bionicle is one of the worst. Only Bad Boys: Miami Takedown, Gods & Generals, and DBZ: Ultimate Battle 22 are worse. To put this review into one sentance, I would say: "AVOID AT ALL COSTS!" If you like Bionicle, then you will be angry at how much they trashed it. If don't like Bionicle then you probably wouldn't be reading this review. If you are for some reason, then just avoid this game. Bionicle fans should continue to get the toys and imagine what a good video game of Bionicle would be like. Just know that this is not it.