The third game of the serie. the best of the serie and one of the best games ever.

I've been waiting so long for this game after i playd POP2 I couldn't wait for this game and I saw a few trailer it look so cool
and when i played it was even better.

graphics look really cool even it was changed a lot

sound was also really good at POP2 it was some kinda rock metal background music it was really annoying

those quick move was really cool even i have too have a better timing at it.

even i don't have finished the game i can say it's a really good game it's worth the waiting and also worth spending the money for buying
you can always rent it if you don't like it don't buy

(I'm not an american nor an english men. I'm a kurd who lives in Netherlands soo my english is not soo good i hope you understand what i mean )